What is PossCalc?:
PossCalc is a simple program designed to calculate the chances of acquiring a certain combination or permutation of a set of possibilities. For example, have you ever wondered what your chances of winning the lotto 649 are? Or perhaps how many possibilities there are to the combination to the lock on your locker? This tool makes these and many other examples easy to calculate.

Terms you will need to know:
Permutations - order of choices does matter.
Combinations - order of choices does not matter.

PossCalc is available in two forms:
PossCalc PHP - a very user friendly web-based application. My husband had taken my C code of the program to create a PHP version which makes it incredibly easy to use.

PossCalc - a terminal (command prompt for Windows users) application. This is a far less user friendly experience, however, does not require an internet connection to employ. PossCalc is available for Linux, Windows, and Macintosh users.

How to calculate from the 649 example:
The player gets to pick six numbers from one to forty-nine, they are not able to pick the same number twice, and the order of these numbers does not matter.

Number of Options = 49
Number of Choices = 6
Calculation Type = Combinations Without Repetition

How to calculate from the locker example:
My buffalo combination lock has a set of numbers from zero to thirty-nine. There is a possibility of a number being used more then once. I have to choose only three of those numbers, and the order of the numbers are important.

Number of Options = 40
Number of Choices = 3
Calculation Type = Permutations With Repetition

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