What is BankCalc?:
The concept of this financial program is to assist in the following areas; getting out of debt, saving money, as well as retirement expenditures. The program asks a series of questions and then calculates a printable monthly list of where you should be at if you stick to the plan you had made. This, I have found, is a powerful way to actively stick to one's financial plan when one has the ability to compare their progress at any time in the process of their financial goals. It also gives each year's total on the amount of interest you have earned (on savings) or payed (on debt).

This program was inspired by the "Finance..." program on my TI-83 Plus graphing calculator, however, this program, as well as all the others that I was able to find on the internet, had all failed to provide a monthly view of any financial plan. Thus, I had then decided to create my own while I was attending Collage. Over the years, I have updated and advanced the program, and to this day still use it whenever required.

BankCalc is available in two forms:
BankCalc PHP - a very user friendly web-based application. My husband had taken my C code of the program to create a PHP version which makes it incredibly easy to use.

BankCalc - a terminal (command prompt for Windows users) application. This is a far less user friendly experience, however, does not require an internet connection to employ. BankCalc is available for Linux, Windows, and Macintosh users.

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